CODE 2 project delivers new projections for European micro- CHP

New European micro-CHP market projections will be presented at the COGEN Europe Conference in Brussels in April. This modern home energy technology which allows households and small commercial premises to both generate their own electricity and heat is beginning to gain market presence in Europe.

Currently a clear outlook for the micro-CHP market in Europe does not exist. One of the aims of the Intelligent Energy Europe co-funded CODE2 project is to develop projections to 2020 and 2030 for the use of micro-CHP for each of the 27 EU Member States. The project team has combined national CHP potential reports, published data and research on data on boiler replacement in built housing stock to 2030 to estimate the potential for micro CHP. In addition, the regulatory and economic frameworks in the different Member States have been assessed showing that considerable market and policy gaps exist between countries.

Micro-CHP units are increasingly available on the market across Europe.. MEP Judith Merkies added that “the energy challenges Europe is facing require a paradigm shift in the way we produce and consume energy, with citizen’s needs and aspirations as the starting point. The time has come to foster a greater deployment of clean microgeneration technologies that will be pivotal in increasing the share of renewable energy sources while bringing energy efficiency improvement, securing energy supply and empowering citizens in producing their own energy. As first step to realise this significant potential of new, flexible and smart microgeneration technologies – including micro-CHP – I will leading the work together with my colleagues in the European Parliament’s ITRE Committee requesting EU policymakers to prepare a coherent EU strategy for microgeneration.“

The potential for micro- CHP will be presented at the COGEN Europe Annual Conference on 19th April in Brussels.