CODE 2 Project: Final Dissemination Workshop

CODE 2 project to present National Cogeneration Roadmaps for Europe

The Final Dissemination Workshop of the IEE-funded project, CODE2, took place on the 11 of December 2014 in Brussels.

The agenda and presentations of the workshop can be downloaded here:



0 – Agenda of the CODE2 final dissemination workshop


1 – Introduction by the project coordinator (Fiona Riddoch)

2 – Potential analysis for Bio-CHP (Laurenz Hermann)

3 – Potential analysis fro Micro- CHP (Jeroen Larrivee)

4- Project engagement and outreach (Fiona Riddoch)

5 – The role of the EED in the promotion of CHP (Stane Merse)

6 – Flexibility options of CHP (Adi Golbach)


The CODE2 project has developed 27 National Cogeneration Roadmaps for EU Member States plus a roadmap for the EU as a whole. The roadmaps highlight the barriers still remaining for CHP in Europe. They look at the policy framework, market conditions and awareness regarding cogeneration in Europe and propose a way forward for the CHP sector that contributes to achieving the EU’s 2020 and 2030 energy and climate policy goals.

All roadmaps can be found under the each of the regions of this website.

To complement the National Roadmaps, the CODE2 project will also publish the first ever reports about the EU potential of micro-CHP and bio-energy CHP. CODE2 also considers the potential for increased use of CHP by SMEs. It has produced a series of ‘How To’ guides targeting potential operators interested in assessing the business opportunities and risks of moving into cogeneration.