WP Deliverable N° Deliverable name

WP1 D1.1 Publishable Result-Oriented Report

WP2 D2.1 Awareness case studies

D2.2 Roadmap structure 
D2.3 7 Detailed draft Roadmaps

D2.4 First drafts of final 20 Roadmaps

D2.5 European report on potential of micro-CHP 
D2.6 European report on potential of bio-energy CHP 
WP3 D3.1 “How-to” guides 
D3.2 Best practice cases 
WP4 D4.1 Workshop guidelines 
D4.3 Report with recommendations  
WP5 D5.1 27 updated Roadmaps 
D5.2 European Cogeneration Roadmap 
D5.3 European Policy Report 
D5.4 6 translated roadmaps

 WP6 D6.1 Communication Plan 
D6.2 Project website 
D6.3 Annual high-profile events 
D6.4 Final Dissemination Workshop 
D6.5 Report on impact dissemination

WP7 D7.1 Revised and updated performance indicators