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23 February 2015

CODE 2 Press Release – Better implementation of Energy Efficiency Directive central to delivering secure, efficient EU heat supply

As EU policymakers redirect their attention to primary energy savings and reducing EU’s reliance on imported energy, a new policy report highlights the substantial energy losses along the energy supply chain before reaching the end user. The CODE 2 policy report emphasises the need for energy system-level savings in both heat and power and shows what policy changes are needed to develop wider system efficiency. It concludes that implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) must be improved if efficient delivery of Europe’s heat supply is to be secured.

27 January 2015

CODE 2 Press Release – Boosting supply security with cogeneration: EU’s CHP potential revealed in major new report

Cogeneration has the potential to deliver substantial primary energy savings in Europe by 2030, confirms a major new report representing the culmination of the EU-funded project CODE 2.

The CODE 2[1] project estimates that in 2030 CHP could generate 20% of the EU’s electricity using a range of increasingly renewable fuels. The CHP Roadmap projections estimate that new and upgraded CHP capacity beyond 2012 would further reduce total inland energy consumption by 870 TWh and additionally reduce CO2 emissions by 350 Mt in 2030[2]. 15% of the EU’s heat today comes from CHP[3] (850 TWh). The CODE 2 project estimates that this heat volume will increase by around half to 1,264 TWh in 2030.

4 December 2014

National Cogeneration Roadmaps released today

Ahead of the unveiling in Brussels on 11 December of a new European report highlighting the EU’s overall cogeneration potential, individual roadmaps for 27 EU member states are being launched in national capitals today.

27 February 2014

How-to guides and Smart CHP tool (Beta version) available on the website

From today on you will be able to acces via the CODE2 website the How-to guides specially targeted at SMEs, where you can see why cogenertaion is an efficient and profitable sotution and also learn how you can take proper action and have an installation at your SME (via the Smart CHP tool!)

24 February 2014

Drafts of the Cogeneration Pilot Roadmaps for Greece, Slovenia, Poland, Italy, Belgium and Germany are available in CODE2 Website.

The final drafts for the pilot cogeneration roadmaps are already available in the CODE2 website. You can find further information under each of the region´s tab of the website. Check the website regularly in order to obtain further information and the final version of the roadmaps!

09 July 2013

COGEN Europe welcomes the progresses made by the European Parliament on the micro-generation Resolution and publishes a new briefing paper on the topic

This morning the European Parliament ITRE2 Committee gave support by overwhelming majority to the Micro-generation Resolution3, put forward by rapporteur Ms. Judith Merkies. Today saw also the publication by COGEN Europe of a new briefing paper which features the concrete steps at the EU and national levels that need to be taken in order to unleash the potential of micro-CHP and fulfil Europe’s key climate and energy priorities.

10 June 2013

CODE2 Workshop: Developing a CHP Roadmap for Ireland

A workshop organised in Dublin during the Irish Presidency of the EU and in the framework of the CODE2 project discussed the measures that should feature in a Cogeneration Roadmap for Ireland.

For more information (presentations, etc), please click here.

06 June 2013

CODE2 Press Release – Industrial CHP is key in reaching Irish climate and energy targets

National energy stakeholders, looking for energy efficiency improvements, identify key elements for a successful Irish Cogeneration Roadmap.

16 May 2013

COGEN Europe Press Release – Micro-CHP sector welcomes European Parliament resolution on microgeneration

COGEN Europe warmly welcomes the initiative of MEP Judith Merkies to start a debate on the important but often overlooked role of microgeneration in the context of EU energy and climate goals. The draft resolution on “Microgeneration – small scale electricity and heat generation”, put forward by Ms. Merkies in late April, was debated in ITRE Committee on Monday, the 13th of May, and MEPs agreed that the issue requires more attention.

3 April 2013

COGEN Europe Press Release – COGEN Europe warns that current problems facing the CHP sector demand firm implementation of EED

A new snapshot survey of cogeneration shows a growth in the smaller CHP installations in many EU Member States but also reveals the degree to which the sector is under pressure from the combined effect of the economic crisis, electricity market issues, and on-going fuel price fluctuations.

22 Mar 2013

CODE 2 project delivers new projections for European micro- CHP

New European micro-CHP market projections will be presented at the COGEN Europe Conference in Brussels in April.


19 Mar 2013

ene.field – European initiative on micro FC-CHP on the agenda at Hannover Fair

Deployment of significant numbers of fuel cell combined heat and power (FC-CHP) systems via the European ene.field project will be highlighted at the Hannover Fair.


14 Mar 2013

COGEN Europe Press Release – EU energy and climate policy drives bio-energy CHP in European cities

European project proposes strategy and recommendations for the implementation of bio-energy CHP projects at local and regional level


14 Mar 2013

COGEN Europe Press Release – German CHP sector receives further support from Government actions

The German government’s latest policy changes aimed at giving a further boost to the German CHP sector are the subject of COGEN Europe‘s latest European Cogeneration Review (ECR) published today


13 Mar 2013

COGEN Europe Press Release – Düsseldorf contributes to Germany’s climate targets by installing the most modern CHP plant

Landmark CHP plant aims to achieve new records for efficiency, power output and heat extraction


7 Mar 2013

COGEN Europe Press Release – CHP helps the chemical sector to lower energy bills and reduce CO2 emissions

Tata Chemicals Europe’s CHP plant already delivered UK carbon savings of over 3 million tonnes of CO2


28 Feb 2013

COGEN Europe Press Release – Industrial CHP supports Europe’s industry in the economic crisis

COGEN Europe sees a key role for industrial CHP in addressing current economic crisis


21 Feb 2013

ene.field – European project gains further momentum

The ene.field project, the largest demonstration of micro FC-CHP in Europe, chose Berlin for its second project meeting in order to build on the already extensive fuel cell experience in Germany.


10 Jan 2013

ene.field Press Release – ene.field – the smart energy solution launched with the latest on Europe’s newest
smart energy solution


8 Jan 2013

COGEN Europe Press Release – Persistent policy uncertainty and unfavourable market conditions in the Netherlands threaten energy efficiency advances in industry

COGEN Europe publishes the second of the new series of European CHP policy and market country reports.


17 Dec 2012

COGEN Europe Press Release – Industrial CHP saves Europe 15 million Toe of fuel imports annually

Parliamentary debate highlights the benefits that industrial CHP can bring to the EU economy.

12 Dec 2012

COGEN Europe Press Release – The worsening legislative environment for CHPs in Spain runs counter to the European objectives

End November, the Spanish cogeneration industry has written to the European Commission expressing their concerns regarding recent changes in tax and power generation legislation in Spain.


28 Nov 2012

COGEN Europe Press Release – New report highlights substantial benefits of cogeneration to European economy

A new policy report endorsed by the German Ministry of Environment confirms that opportunities and possibilities offered by a massive backing of energy efficiency measures are much greater than expected. It finds that EU 2050 climate targets could be achieved through additional application of cogeneration to provide heat and power across the industrial base.


21 Nov 2012

UK policy environment becoming more favourable for cogeneration: European cogeneration review

COGEN Europe publishes the first of a new series of European policy reports with the ‘European Cogeneration Review – United Kingdom’.

A preview of the report can be found here.


27 September 2012

COGEN Europe Press Release – European field trials for residential fuel cell micro-CHP kick off

Today was the kick off meeting of the ene.field project that brings together 9 European micro FC-CHP manufactures who will deliver trials across in 12 EU Member States. The project
will deploy approximately 1,000 residential installations, establish the macro-economics and CO2 savings of the technologies in the European markets, and assess the socio-economic barriers to widespread deployment of micro FC-CHP.

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